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About Us

Professionally Trained

All the techniques used by ACS have been handed down by some of the industry leading professionals from the United States. Trained and mentored by several professionals & companies with combined years experience surpassing 100 years in the industry. This allows ACS to give better technical advice, explanations on the processes and techniques, but most importantly assurance that your money is safe when investing in your next concrete floor. 

Excellence and Dependability  

It is our main goal at ACS to provide quality work and a reliable service above and beyond the expectations of all our clients. With many years in the customer service industry in the BVI, we can appreciate that good service will go a long way. This is why we strive to maintain excellent working relationships with our clients before, during and after every job because a great referral can go a long way. 

A Proven System That Works

Polished concrete is hardwearing, easy to clean, improves with age, will not harbour dust mites and provides a neutral backdrop for your interior design scheme. Polished concrete is regularly seen in large retail stores, warehouses, airports, stadiums and restaurants that choose to invest the upfront expense in exchange for lower maintenance costs. More recently it is becoming very trendy for residential applications as well, especially when the design options for polished concrete are limitless. You can choose nearly any color, create patterns with saw cuts, or embed aggregates or interesting objects into the concrete prior to polishing. A floor that has been polished and maintained can be expected to last a hundred years or more.

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